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About Us

We’re a customer-centred family company

Locally owned. Internationally connected.

Our mission is to be recognised for exceptional customer service, dedicated to importing, exporting and transporting cargo in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner through planning and world class logistics management.

Ecologically and economically friendly.​

We aim to incorporate economic and environmentally friendly practices in our operations, being the leading freight forwarding company in Trinidad & Tobago.  Our partnership with Bollore Logistics gives us access to a wealth of experience and representation from 600 offices in 109 countries all over the world.

Driven by a history of innovation

Our company was started over 20 years ago by Heidi Vieira who built her career in customs brokerage. Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit and solid work ethic enabled her to build a dedicated clientele and open her own award-winning company, Viera Incorporated. Even though Heidi’s time with us was shortened, her outstanding legacy and values are manifest in the way we conduct business by delivering services of the highest quality.

Vanessa Heidi Gabrielle Vieira

26th March 1973 to 15th August 2004


We are an ethically established firm, operating under a moral compass to provide honest services to our clients and abiding to all laws, regulations and protocols set in place.


We specialize in excellence as we are skilled in dealing with cargo delivery, ranging from imports, exports and transportation of commodities. We work closely with trusted brands to ensure cargos arrive safely at their destinations.

Our Core Values


We work tirelessly, spearheading the planning and logistics processes to ensure that our customers receive unmatched service from us. We are dedicated towards completing our deliverables in a timely manner, making sure all needs are met, despite constraints.

Customer Service

We work around the clock to satisfy the cargo transportation needs of our customers. We believe in maximum customer satisfaction and relationship building.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality end-to-end logistics services to our clients, in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our Vision

We envision being the the leading freight forwarder in Trinidad and Tobago, while incorporating environmentally friendly practices in our operations.


At Vieira Inc, we pride ourselves on reliability and dependability. We have successfully achieved certification from the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards, under their Q&EMS-SME 2009 Programme which is in keeping with ISO 9000:2005, (quality) ISO 9001:2000 (quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management) requirements, and are also on the way to becoming certified under the T&T Energy Chamber’s HSE Programme, STOW/ Safe To Work-TT.

Globally Connected

We partner with international logistics firms to give us access to a wealth of experience and representation from 600 offices in 102 countries over the world. 

What sets us apart

Apart from our efficient services and our commitment towards our customers, Vieira Inc. Limited operates under fundamental principles and strategies to facilitate our goals.


At Vieira Inc, customers are at the forefront of our operations. To ensure they are satisfied, our business hours are non-existent because our highly trained staff works around the clock to secure the planning, coordination, management and movement of your cargo. We thrive off customer feedback and remarks to continuously improve our daily operations and achieve this goal.


Our employees are at the heart of our organization. Vieira Inc. believes in employee satisfaction, engagement and overall happiness to ensure our firm runs smoothly, thereby enhancing our customer service.

Self-governing Policies

We curated and adopted several policies that govern our operations within and outside of Vieira Inc. Vieira Inc operates under guiding principles that are not mandated by regulatory bodies, but allows us to have a high moral compass. This includes working under: Code of Ethics Conflict Resolution Policies Health, Safety, and Environment Policies Quality and Environmental Policy

Integrated Approach

To ensure all customer needs are met, we are partnered with Bollore Logistics, the 5th largest freight forwarder across the globe, to offer an impressive breadth of services across different industries in Trinidad and Tobago. Our partnership extends to experienced advisors and professionals in multiple industries to re-evaluate our business strategies to maximize customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and organizational sustainability.

Our Goals

Our Accomplishments


STOW certificate to operate under the Health and Safety Act.

NGC Bud Pipeline Project

This is our flagship project as this is the cross- island pipeline that serviced the LNG Plant. This plant is the single most economic success post-independence for Trinidad and Tobago and has derived much economic benefit to the people of the country. On this project we moved and delivered in excess of 1,000,000 tonne of freight.


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